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Is Your Company Breaking The Law? – Human Resources Compliance

Human Resources Compliance (also known as HR Compliance) is a process of checking that your organization is following and understanding the Federal and State Employment laws. By checking that everything is in order, this leads to better work productivity and enhances employee morale and performance. HR Compliance can be about:

  • Employment benefits

  • Recruitment and termination process

  • Payroll

  • Employment safety

  • Records retention

  • Employee handbook

HR Compliance consists of ensuring that employees are knowledgeable of the code of conduct in a workplace. Is the organization following the Fair Labor Standard Act, sexual harassments policies or the Equal Employment Opportunity Law? A periodic audit is the perfect way for companies to avoid legal lawsuits and costly compliance problems.

Improve your workplace and take matters into your own hands! The ICE Training Institute offers online continuing education courses on Ethics and Compliance. Inform your employees about ICE Training Institute’s career courses on Ethics, Code of Conduct, and more.

Corporate Compliance Course:

This online training course kit covers all of the necessary aspects of Corporate Compliance which includes Anti-trust, conflict of interest, anti-theft & bribery, FAR compliance, FCPA compliance, import & export compliance and HIPPA Compliance. Each course features high-quality content along with a printable certificate upon successful completion of the course.

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