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A Day in the Life – Cosmetology


ICE Training Institute offers cosmetology courses for national Boards of Cosmetology, including Florida and Texas. ICE Training Institute provides online licenses, certifications, and classes that can help you succeed in your career.

Courses for Florida Cosmetology License:

ICE Training offers competitive, low price classes designed to give you an overview of the cosmetology industry as well as teaching you some of the tricks of the trade. Course emphasis is placed on professional practices and safety.

Florida 16-hour Cosmetology Package: $21.95

This course package provides sixteen hours of continuing education material to meet the renewal requirements for Florida cosmetologists. Included are:

  • 2 hours of HIV/AIDS instruction

  • 3 hours of sanitation and sterilization

  • 1 hour each of OSHA regulations and Florida Workers Compensation

  • 2 hours covering laws and rules that guide the industry

  • 2 hours of the chemical makeup of hair, skin, and nails

  • 1 hour of instruction highlighting environmental issues in the salon setting

  • and a total of 4 hours of electives covering the history and development of the cosmetology industry, building a successful career and/or business, the importance of good customer service, understanding retail, and marketing and self-promotion.

ICE Training Institute also offers continuing courses to receive certificates for nail technician and barber.

Courses for Texas Cosmetology License:

ICE Training Institute Texas offers 4 hour general cosmetology, esthetician, and manicurist CE requirement courses.


This course package is designed for use by cosmetologists to fulfill continuing education requirements for Texas. According to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations, all Esthetician licensees who renew on or after September 1, 2008 must show the completion of at least 4 hours of continuing education. This package includes a 1 hour course in Sanitation and a 3 hour course in Skin Care Essentials. Upon completion of this course package you will have fulfilled the Texas state CE requirements for license renewal.

General Cosmetology:

Regardless of how many years you’ve had a professional license, every day is a learning experience. The time to become a great colorist is now. Professional hair coloring is the fastest growing service in the salon or spa industry today. Jump on board to make more money from this easy to learn service. Let’s begin the journey to understanding how to color hair.

Pedicure Essentials:

This course introduces the essentials concerning pedicures, foot care, and the professional role of a pedicurist. It describes the importance of sanitation, disinfection, disinfection procedures, and preparation of the pedicure area. In addition you will also learn how to choose products, how to perform different massage movements, and special care pedicures.

Career Outlook:

Cosmetology includes:

  • hairstylist

  • hairdressers

  • barbers

  • skincare specialist

  • nail technicians

According to National Accreditation Commission of Cosmetology, Arts and Sciences (NACCAS), the average income is $30, 000 to $50, 000 per year. The job market for cosmetology is increasing, prediction of a 14% increase in jobs from 2010-2020.

There are many jobs available in various industries for cosmetologists:

  • Beauty salons

  • Department stores

  • Beauty supply stores

  • Film and theatrical industries

  • Hospitals and medical care facilities

Benefits of a Cosmetologist Career:

Flexibility is one of the key aspects of being a cosmetologist. Your specialties may vary from cutting hair to being a nail technician. You get to create your own hours, where you can work as a full time employee or only appointment based. This fast paced, fun career, allows you to go hands on customer service, running a business, and marketing yourself and the products that you sell. You build long term relationships with your clients, ensuing continuous appointments in the future.

ICE Training Institute is a nationally recognized online course company that offers hundreds of online courses and online license renewal classes for career development and continuing education courses. Established by a group of professionals who understand the hectic lifestyle of most individuals, ICE Training Institute provides online license, online license renewals, and safety training classes at anyone’s convenience. ICE Training Institute started off by providing prospective students public safety training and first responder training, and has quickly grown, offering hundreds of online courses including cosmetology for your cosmetology requirements, CPA certificates, OSHA-approved blood borne pathogen certifications, and more.

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