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A Day in the Life: Environmental Compliance

Environmental Compliance is becoming a larger field of interest for consumers and manufacturers alike. If you are interested in creating ways to protect the environment, environmental laws, regulations, and standards, then becoming certified in environmental compliance would be a great step to take to start your career.


ICE Training Institute provides online courses that allow students to become certified in Environmental Compliance. ICE Training Institute also offers other online certifications for Environmental Health and Safety, like Asbestos Safety Training, Industrial Health, and Environmental Specialist certification.


Some of the online courses included in the Environmental Compliance certification are:

  • Certified Environmental Specialist

  • Emergency Planning Community and Right to Know Act

  • Identifying Your Hazardous Wastes

  • Spill Prevention and Release Reporting

  • Stormwater Management During Construction

  • The Clean Water Act and Day-to-Day Requirements

  • … and many more to choose from

The only thing ICE asks of our students is that they review any course/state requirements and the system requirements before enrolling.

Career Outlook:

  • Environmental & Regulatory Compliance Manager

  • Environmental Compliance and Permitting Environmental Manager

  • Environmental Remediation & Compliance Specialist

As stated earlier, people are becoming more in tune with the impact they have on the environment. Going Green, Reduce Reuse Recycle, the threat of Global Warming, these are just a couple of examples of movements and consequences that are motivating individuals and groups of people to be more concerned about the environment and the carbon footprint they leave behind. The jobs listed above are easily accessible and with the right education and certification one of the many jobs available in environmental compliance could be yours.

The estimated salary is anywhere from $20, 000-$100, 000+ depending on your level of expertise and the company you work for.

If becoming certified in Environmental Compliance calls to you, don’t hesitate … sign up today at ICE Training Institute and take control of your future!

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